June 3rd-June 5th, 2020
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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5.2H  6.2H 
water pumps, sewage pumps,
chemical pumps, sanitary pumps,
metering pumps, fire pumps,
agricultural pumps,
household pumps,
boiler circulating pumps
general valves,
instrement valves,
industrial valves,
sanitary valves,
solenoid valves,
pneumatic components
Intelligent water supply equipment
complete sets of equipment,
steady flow tanks, inverters,
control cabinets,
vertical centrifugal pumps,
computer software controls
water tanks
pneumatic actuator,
electric actuators
Pipe/pipe fittings
industrial plastic pipes,
industrial metal pipes,
municipal water pipes,
sanitary pipes,
elbow/tee/stone pipes,
pipeline tools and building
supply and drainage pipes
Pump-related products
CNC/testing equipment,
mechanical seals, soft seals,
valve positioners,
bearings/couplings castings/forged parts, and flanges