June 3rd-June 5th, 2020
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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Why you Cannot Miss FLOWTECH CHINA 2019

FLOWTECH CHINA 2018 took place from May 31 to June 2, 2018 at Shanghai National and Convention Center. Over the course of last seven years, Flowtech China has grown into one of the leading tech exhibitions for valve, pump and pipe industries in China. With over 70, 000 square meters of exhibition space, 922 exhibitors and 49, 617 professionals from 64 countries and 4,055 international buyers from all over the world, we can confidently say that the 2018 edition of Flowtech was a real success. The event gathered some of the leading Chinese water industry organizations, local water administration bureaus, design institutions, engineering companies, public facility developers, environmental protection organizations, chemical engineering companies, pharmaceutical factories, as well as the food, heating and water conservation organizations.

Exhibitor Comments


For our company, FLOWTECH CHINA is always the preferred display and promotion platform. We are very honored to showcase clip-on soft sealing butterfly valve, magnetically-encrypted anti-theft soft sealing gate valve and other products on the site, which are unanimously praised by all visitors. It is worth mentioning that the organizer also specially launched purchaser match-making for our company, and invited domestic top-notch industry purchasers to communicate with us.


We feel very satisfied with the scale of the exhibition and the quality of visitors. For the first time, this is one of the fewest super large-scale domestic pump and valve exhibitions we have participated in recent years. On the exhibition site, we contacted many professional water companies based in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, as well as such major purchasers as Shanghai Chengtou Water Group. At the scene, we conducted in-depth negotiations and promised to make field visit after the exhibition. In addition, during FLOWTECH CHINA, we also attend Smart Water Conference hosted by Shanghai Water Supply Trade Association, from which we benefit a lot!

FLOWTECH CHINA 2019 Highlights

Highlight 1 Integrate the upstream and downstream industry chain of general pump valve industry
Highlight 2 Provide a one-stop purchasing platform for authoritative smart water supply solutions
Highlight 3 Converge water affairs, environmental protection, industry, construction, water conservancy and other end users and channel buyers
Highlight 4  Create internationalized high - quality pump valve annual grand meeting
Highlight 5 Lead industry technology and development direction
Highlight 6 Present refined product display special area


Exhibition Process Flows

Exhibitor Survey at Early Stage (Survey)

Special professional survey for booth selection and visitor
positioning; analysis for actual needs of exhibitors

Customized Exclusive Exhibition Plan (Sale)

Preference for booth, on-site major purchaser
match-making; comprehensive marketing program for
marketing promotion

Integrated Enterprise Promotion Covering Upstream and
Downstream Chains of the Industry (Spread)Professional major purchaser engagement center;
fixed-point placement for 500,000 massive databases to
sweep through social media, industry media and
professional purchasers
On-Site Activities and All-Inclusive Events (Service)

Media interviews; purchaser match-making events;
simultaneous industry summits

Efficiency, Standardization and Security of Move-in and
Move-out (Service)Integrated and perfect on-site coordination; safe and
convenient professional transportation
Access to First-hand Post-exhibition Data (Service)

Grasp of industry opportunities