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New Products Launching (Partial)


Double-Eccentric Center Butterfly valves · Panda DN300

It boasts a compact structure, a brand new valve plate design, high valve flow capacity, epoxy coating, build-up-welded stainless steel valve seats or epoxy coated valve seats, in addition to its drinking water authentication certificate.








Integral Prefabricated Pumping Station

The HDL-PPS is an integral prefabricated pumping station particularly designed to meet the water lifting needs of public utility works and construction industry. It boasts some great features, i.e. shorter construction period, smaller floor surface, greater applicability, longer life span and higher intelligence, etc. It’s a great choice for public utilities to handle many tasks, e.g. basement water discharge, subway drainage, residential community drainage and plant water discharge. In addition to that, it is qualified for taking water from drinking water sources. In short, it’s an ideal substitute for all sorts of traditional pumping stations.







Refuse-Crushing Sewage Pump

Based on the ARWPG pump series, the ARWPS series is a brand new heavy duty sewage pump featuring a built-in stainless steel refuse crusher. It is extraordinarily efficient in handling the sewage from the washrooms in hypermarkets or large shopping malls and keeping pipe blockage at Zero.







Shanghai Hugong Valve Factory(Gruop)Co., Ltd. 

PTFE Seal Butterfly Valve with Improved Valve Seat

The D343F-16C is a kind of PTFE butterfly valve using specially designed valve seat embedded in a compensatory structure. This special design makes it particularly efficient in preventing the troubles resulting from the thermal expansion and contraction of PTFE materials.









459 CC Compact Safety Valves

The series provides a variety of inter-connection pore sizes. It is an economical and reliable choice for middle and small flow environments. With a wide range of pore size, seal and connection method options, it has a much more extensive application scope than others.









Assembly of Intelligent Water Supply Equipment Manufacturers


Hydro Multi-B

This series of products can easily and accurately deal with the difficult pressurization work. Hydro Multi-B booster unit can be categorized into two types according to the control capacity: Hydro Multi-B ES system – using one integrated frequency conversion CME pump, and the rest is power frequency CM pump. Hydro Multi-B E System – All pumps are frequency conversion CME pumps. The start, stop and speed of the two types of pumps are controlled centrally by the controller, and can be adjusted according to the water demand for completing the highly efficient water supply and providing protection for the water pump and the pipe network.






Anhui Shun Yu Water Co., Ltd.

Intelligent Off-Peak Storage Regulation Security Water Supply System

This system integrates security systems, staggering peak water supply, water quality monitoring, and intelligent control. It focuses on solving the potential safety hazards and secondary pollution problems in urban water supply systems. Intelligent off-peak storage regulation and security water supply systems can provide data support for the construction of urban intelligent water services by regulating the water supply balance of the city.







ZJDG Intelligent Silent Laminated Water Supply Equipment

Assembly of IPerformance and advantages: Silent, less than 40 dB noise and easy for installation and maintenance, reducing investment in environmental protection and health, non-polluting stable performance, high degree of automation modular design, beautiful appearance, novelty, efficient energy-saving, over 30% energy-saving compared with similar products.






Panda Group

XWM Series Tank Type Laminated Water Supply Equipment

• Energy-saving: over 20% energy-saving than similar products
• Low noise: 10 dB lower than similar products
• Environmental protection: food grade materials and electrophoresis treatment for flow passage components
• Land saving: equipment integration mechatronics
• Advanced control system: digital information processing system, human-machine dialogue system, remote monitoring system







Digital frequency conversion non- negative pressure water supply equipment

•Small volume, light weighted.
•Easy disassembly and simple operations.
•Easy manual operation, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic automation operations.
•Automatic cleaning, maintenance-free.
•Complete sealing, and maximum pressure maintaining.
•Single valve rod that has no need for bolts. It is mainly used in sewage treatment, environment protection, power plants, steels and other fields






All-round Upgrade of Internationalization of Valve Exhibitors


API type safety valves (526CC, 526CC series)

API type safety valves (526CC, 526CC series) meet all requirements of API 526 specification, such as the standardized throat diameter and face-centered distance. Single valve trim is suitable for stream, gas and liquid. The delivery period of 526 CC is short, and its range of products and characteristics are set according to the China’s market needs, and it is applied in refineries, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, oil and gas industry, lands and offshore areas.







Automatic Control Valve

The system is composed of three main components, such as allocation block, hydraulic control block and filtration system, all of which are made of AISI 316 stainless steel. The modular design can use specific single-function modules or multi-function modules, which can be replaced according to different applications. It also can be easily refitted to adapt to different functions.





SA actuators

Design characteristics: with torque range of 10 Nm to 32,000 Nm, output speed of 4 rpm to 180 rpm, it is designed with limit and torque sensors that are suitable for three-phase AC, single-phase AC and DC motors, and manually operated hand wheels. The environmental conditions: high level of seal protection, high-quality corrosion protection and wide range of ambient environment







Single-cavity Air Valve

With a large capacity, the single-cavity air valve has three functions that can achieve absorption and discharge of a large quantity of air and slight discharge of air during the operation process. Its internal material is plastic and corrosion-resistant. Even if the exhaust velocity reaches the sound velocity, the valve also can ensure the safe and reliable operation. The product can be applied in water treatment, water distribution pipeline, dams, power plants and industrial fields.







Wafer Type Butterfly Valve

•Small volume, light weighted.
•Easy disassembly and simple operations.
•Easy manual operation, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic automation operations.
•Automatic cleaning, maintenance-free.
•Complete sealing, and maximum pressure maintaining.
•Single valve rod that has no need for bolts. It is mainly used in sewage treatment, environment protection, power plants, steels and other fields







Air Valve TWIN-AIR

Product technologies: compact design, light weight, large-size maximum air intake and discharge rate, the air discharge in automatic operation through the patented self-cleaning rod during each on-off cycle. It is coated externally with enamel at home and abroad. This product is also can be applied in the sea water.



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