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Beijing Dingruite Valve MFG Co., Ltd.

Beijing DingRuiTe Valve MFG. Co., Ltd. is a valve company specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing & selling valves. Our factory locates at No. 18, Juhai Rd, Jinghai Economic Development Zone in Tianjin city, covering an area of 10000sqm, with elegant environment,convenient transportation and complete facilities. We also have well-equipped high-tech center for valve performance test and inspection. 


Our company has established and kept positive technical communication &cooperation with world famous valve manufacturers. Combining imported and self-developed technology & techniques, we supply standard and nonstandard products for water group, water treatment company, large heating company, hydraulic facility company, water supply company, plate heat exchanger factory, central air conditioning factory etc. Now our products include middle-line without pin wafer type motorized butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, desulfurization butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, lug type butterfly valve, check valve, float valve, Y-strainer, ball valve, motorized ball valve, pneumatic ball valve, gate valve, globe valve and back flow preventer. We are certified by ISO9001-2008 and also won several national invention patents and utility model patent. Our products are widely used in fields including water treatment, power station, pharmacology, chemicals, steel plant, metallurgical industry, municipals and other fields that has higher requirements. 


Our products are warmly welcomed by customers from many countries and regions such as Russia, Turkey, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Canada. Indonesia. HK and Taiwan etc. ‘high technology, strict quality supervision, quality product, top brand’ is our permanent pursuit and goal. Welcome to contact us for business cooperation and we will spare no efforts to provide you supports in technology, quality, price and after-sales service.For more info, please visit our website, www.bjdingruite.com/Eng/index.asp



 660D Pneumatic Butterfly Valve


The disc of 660D pneumatic butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipelines. In the cylindrical corridors of the valve body, the disc revolves around the axis with an angle between 0° and 90° . The valves are ire> complete open condition when the disc revolve to 90° . Butterfly valves have advantages such as simple structure small size, light weight, and only with a few parts. But it can be rapidly opened and closed easily only by revolve to 90° . While the valves are in fully open condition, the disc thickness is the only drag force when the medium flowsthrough the valve body ,so the pressure generated is very small. In conclusion, it have special advantage in controlling the flow rate. The normal pneumatic butterfly valves are in wafer type.LT type and flanged type. For the wafer type butterfly valves, the valves are linked between two pipelines by stud bolt. For the flanged type butterfly valves, the flanges on the two ends of the valves are linked to the pipeline flanges, the LT type butterfly valves are often used at the end of the pipelines. 



690D Motorized Butterfly Valve


690D motorized butterfly valves consist of butterfly valve and motorized actuator. By imputing control signal (4~20mAor 0-10V DC) and single phase power source then it can control the valve’sfunction. Customers can freely choose the materials of valve body disc, seat etc to meet their special needs. With the advantages such as small volume, reliable performance, simple set and wide application, moto razed butterfly valves are widely used on tap-water company, sewage treatment, power station, pharmacology, chemical industry, steel plant, metallurgical industry .municipal and other fields that need higher technology. Our motorized butterfly valve mainly include normal switch type, passive contact type, actuator with position generator type and opening signal type. With the driving power of 380V/220V/110V AC power or 24V/1 ion by power and control signal of 4-20mA current signal or 0-10V DC voltage signal, the valve can function to the right position and so as realize the automatic control. 



 Wafer Flange Clamped Butterfly Check Valve


The wafer flange clamped butterfly check valve is a energy-save product. It is manufactured based the foreign advanced technology and in accordance with relative international standards. This product is featured by excellent retaining performance, high safety and reliability and low flow resistance. It is suitable for systems in the industries of petrochemical food processing, medicine, textile, paper-making. Water supply, drainage, metallurgy, energy, and lightindustry, etc. used as a check valve in one way.

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