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Wenzhou Yongxing Modern Valve Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Yongxing Modern Valve Co., Ltd. is a non-standard product manufacturer that produces wide-type ball valves, one-piece, two-piece and three-piece ball valves. The company’s products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, construction, municipal watersupply, sewage treatment, smelting, electric power, shipbuilding, military, nuclear power, food and beverage, medical equipment, boiler heat exchangers and other industries.The products have been well received by users and have been widely praised by users. The product range is complete and the quality is excellent. In the course of many years of growth, the company has insisted on winning with superiority, with the tenet of seeking customers, quality and technology, and has established good business relations with many domestic enterprises and achieved good reputation. 



One-Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valve


Part    material


Body   CF8M/CF8Ball    CF8M/CF8Stem   SUS316/304Ball gasket  PTFEHandle     SUS304Screw cap   SUS304 



 Three-Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valve


Part    material


Body   CF8M/CF8 Bonnet CF8M/CF8 


Ball    CF8M/CF8Stem   SUS316/304Ball gasket  PTFEHandle     SUS304Screw cap   SUS304Bolt      SUS304



Three-Ball Valve Live Then Surfacing


Nominal Pressure  PN1.6,2.5,4.0,6.4 (MPA)


Strength testing pressure  PT2.4,3.8,6.0,9.6(MPA)


Set testing pressure  0.6(MPA)


Seat testing pressure 1.8,2.8,4.4,7.1


Applicable medium Q21F-(16-64)C Q21F-(16-64)P Q21F-(16-64)R   water\oil\steam   Nitric acid  Acetic acid


Applicable Temperature  -4~180°C

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