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Kunshan Aulank Pumps Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Kunshan Aulank Pumps Manufacturing Co., Ltd is built in 2007, the department of the AODE electromechanical Group. Our company is located in Kunshan , the First in China’s top 100 counties. Aulank is professional supplier specialized in research , development, manufacturing and marketing in the field of high-low temperature pump in China. The mainly products are high-low temperature magnetic drive pump , small high pressure vane pump , vortex pump with high head, small flow rate and centrifugal pump with big flow rate , middle and low head; Our pump is small volume, heat -resistance , low noisy, slight vibration , fine appearance, stable performance and so on and also have the CE ,IS09001:2015 (CQC ) Quality Management System and more than ten technical patent certifications . The heat -resistant range is -80-350^ . The mainly transferring medium consist of water, thermal oil, ethylene, glycol, alcohol, hydrocarbon solution , gear oil, hydraulic oil, aviation kerosene refrigerant and other liquids .Our pumps is widely used in molding, rollers, boiler, sterilization , experiment, reaction kettle and other Heat transfer temperature controlling equipment, involving the plastic, rubber, medicine, car, food, petroleum , chemical area and other industries. Our company ‘s key competitiveness is a pursuit technological creativity, produce quality goods, provide professional service ” ; we will build professional technological team, fast-service team and efficient management team to satisfythe customer and market is requirements , provide professional, fine, thorough service, which help our company win the customers’ recognition and trust. Looking forward to the future , Aulank will continue to maintain and develop fine tradition of enterprise ,according to managing concept Creativity , Quality , ” We sincerely hope that we can make progress and work together to promote common development with new and old customers.Welcome new and old customers to negotiate and cooperate!!! 



MDW Vortex Pump


ML)W series of magnetic drive type high temperature vortex pump adopts advanced design principle and manufacturing technology.The dynamic seal change to static seal  though the Magnetic conduction between the iso lation cover and magnet ,which make use the stable performance under high temperature condition.


Application Area: High temperature mold temperature controlling, High and low temperature test instrument, Chemical equipment, Template temperature controlling.Circulation Medium: Water, ethylene glycol, alcohol, thermal oil, hydrocarbon solution, silicone oil, refrigerant,gasoline and other liquids without particles and fibers. 



VP Vane Pump


The vane pump is composed of a plenum chamber, vane, rotor, pump body and other spare parts. The material of the pumpbody is stainless steel or brass; The motor can be made of single phase, three phase, explosion proof or frequencyconversion; The advantages of the pump are self-priming , high pressure with small capacity, small volume, low noisy andfine appearance.Application Area : Laser equipment cooling Plasma cutting machines X-ray and medical laser cooling systems laboratoryequipment cooling system High pressure cleaning equipment Reverse osmosis systems, etc.Circulation Medium :Water, ethylene glycol, methanol, thermal oil, alcohol and other liquids without particles and fibers. 



WL Vortex Pump


Application Area: Mold temperature controlling , Cylinder heat preservation, Machine tool cooling.Circulation Medium: Water, ethylene glycol, themal oil machine tool cooling liquid and other liquidswithout particles and fibers.

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