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Zhejiang Yeekle Valve Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Yeekle Valve Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of valves, valve accessories and other products, and through TS, ISO9001 international quart system certification, in the valve industry to create a famous brand, for the majority of users to produce better quality better price product series.The company is a collection of research, development, production sales and after-sales as one of the valve enterprises


Main products: gate valve,  globe valve, check valve, ball valve, filter.Implementation standards: GB, GOST API, etc.Materials: WCB, WC9, WC6, LC8.LCC, 304,321,304L, 316,316L, etc. 



Ball Valve


Ball valve in the pipeline is mainly used to cut, distribution and change the flewdirection of the medium. It only requires a 90-degree rotation and a very smallrotational moment to dose the tightness. Ball valve is most suitable for switch, cutoff valve use, v-type ball valve. In addition to paying attend to pipe parameters,electric valve should also pay special attention to the environmental conditions ofits use, because the electric device in the electric valve is an electromechanicalequipment, its use state is greatly affected by its use environment Under normalconditions, electric ball valve, butterfly valve in the following circumstances to payspecial attention to the use. 



Gate Valve


Gate valves are widely used in various industries as efficient switch valves withbidirectional sealing.The gate slides through the channel to control the flow of media (like a gate, hencethe name).A notable feature of gate valves is their straightness. When they are inthe “open” position, the gate rises above the channel and the channel is fully open.Therefore, the inter-valve operates with minimal full flow and pressure drop. Gatevalves are a good choice when both of these properties are required in the field.However, gate valves cannot be used as control valves, only as switching valves. 



Globe Valve


All globe valves use the valve “cut channel” concept to control the flow of mediathrough a specific channel area through the valve-period (not the conventionalchannel form of gate valves) although they do not have straight-through channelslike gate valves, globe valves have two advantages: throttling and high-frequencyswitches, and the medium in the globe valve flows evenly around the valve, ratherthan through narrow specific areas, so they have good throttling performance.

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