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Shanghai Edon Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Edon Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Minhang District, Shanghai. Since its establishment, it has been providing continuous service and satisfactory products and quality products. We will continue to cooperate with customers for long-term cooperation and provide customers with convenient, satisfying, best professional technical service. Our company’s operating philosophy is “integrity first, quality first, service first”.The main products produced by our company are “”Edon” vortex pump (gas-liquid mixing pump), circulation pump, and various micro-bubble treatment systems, mainly used for air flotation, ozone water preparation, oxygen-enriched water, hydrogen water system, aeration, washing machine, boiler feed water, circulating fluid transportation, hot oil circulation, agriculture, engineering support, etc And in the vortex pump industry have we broken through various technical problems, greatly improving the efficiency of the vortex pump. In addition, we are also developing special pumps for different special industries and special pumps to meet the special needs of different customers. “Edon vortex pump” has the characteristics of simple structure, low noise, no metal friction, stirring and mixing ability, self-priming function, etc. It is the first choice for gas-liquid mixing and liquid-liquid mixing process. The pump is divided into EDS series (for special industry stainless steel vortex pump), EDQS series (for stainless steel vortex pump for general industry), and can be equipped with explosion-proof motor or single-phase motor to meet the needs of different customers.Our customers are from both home and abroad. Our company aims to “quality first, integrity first”, in the spirit of excellence to push products and enterprises to a new level, better for the new and old customers! 





After the liquid is sucked into the pump chamber from the suction port of the pump, the semi-opening toothed impeller that rotates at a high speed will mix and pressurize the mixture of water and gas along the flow path of the pump chamber to form a high-pressure vortex flow. Then the mixture of gas and liquid will be forcibly discharged. The system is equipped with a unique gas-liquid separation structure, which forms a gas-liquid separation membrane at the discharge port and can continuously separate the gas from the liquid and discharge the cavity to maintain efficient and stable operation. The pump shaft and impeller are machined according to strict processing technology. After assembly, the machine will operate without impeller swinging phenomenon, without any mechanical friction and ensuring high-speed and smooth rotation of the impeller in the pump chamber. The outlet pressure is constant without pulse. 



Releaser And Installation Kits


The high-efficiency release device developed by “Edon” based on TS and TV models has good release effect and is not easy to block. The material is made of ABS, which is corrosion-resistant and suitable for various working conditions. It is the most environmental protection industry.

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