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IPUS (Anhui) Intelligent Pumping System Co., Ltd.

IPUS (Anhui) intelligent pumping system Co. LTD (I PUS as a brand name), which located in Yijiang Hi-tech district Wuhu city Anhui province, is a Chinese German joint venture company. Led by Dr. Enhui Zhu ,a German Chinese who used to be the found er of a top 10 international pump group for decades in China. We as a professional team of IPUS are specialized in intelligent water pumping and system, which integrates design, manufacturing, salesand after sales service.IPUS is human centered, which emphasizes that people are inseparable from products, and pays more attention to user experience. We are committed to provide our customers with innovative humanized intelligent water pumps and pump systems, and achieve win-win cooperation fora splendid future!



In-Line Pump


IP Single stand vertical pipeline pump has the same rated inlet and outlet caliber., all equipped with an air-cooled asynchronous motor, the pump shaft and the motor shaft through a rigid coupling. The clearance between pump shaft and pump shell is sealed by non-equilibrium mechanical seal. Structure is an upper open structure, and the pump rotor parts can be drawn from the top when overhauling without removing the inlet and outlet pipes. The pump’s inlet and outlet are on the same horizontal line, and the inlet and outlet diameters are identical. They can be installed directly in any part of the pipeline just like valves.The structure of the product is simple, the pump adopts a through shaft connection, and the pump has independent bearing support, and the and reliable positioning. The pump body uses the high efficiency volute form, the flange is according to the standard size; the impeller adopts the closed impeller, the excellent hydraulic model design; the shaft adopts the enlarging shaft type structure and the independent bearing body support; the bearing adopts the NSK seal free bearing.




PE Small end suction pump with low noise and high efficient motor, hydraulic optimization design, all parts that in contact with the fluid components using engineering plastics, EP rust-proof technology and so on, to ensure the environmental safety of the fluid. 





I PUS PX series are single-staged small-sized pumps, which are made by stainless steel. At the end of the pump, it adopts air-cooled and dust-proof motor with built-in overheating and overload protection device. The main part has the structure of sheet stamping. The flow parts are made of AISI304 or AISI 316 Standards stainless steel, and equipped with threaded inlet and discharge. It has a compact structure making it small in size and light in weight PX series show convenient installation, safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance and reparation, strong durability and corrosion resistance features.

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