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ZonqMotor Co., Ltd.

ZonqMotor Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Lu’an in Anhui Province. The company focuses on developing and producing small and medium sized low-voltage AC motors. Currently, it is specialized in producing three-phase asynchronous motors, including YE2 high efficiency motors, YE3 ultra high efficiency motors, YVFE2 variable-frequency and variable-speed motors, and Y2EJ electromagnetic braking motors under the brand of SinokMotor.As an emerging enterprise manufacturing small and medium-sized low-voltage motors, the company adheres to the premium motor design and proven technologies for motor production with its advanced equipment and process. It adopts the distinctive modern management models that enable comprehends quality control on the basis of national standards, and dedicates itself to offering the optimal products and services to its clients.  



High Efficiency Low Voltage Three Phase Asynchromous Motor


YE2、YVFE2、YP2、YE3 Series if motors is the newly designed highefficiency low voltage three phase asynchromous motor, the housingmaterial is cast iron, is designed for continuous duty operation(Sl). YE2、YVFE2、YP2、YE3 series of motors owns the features of highefficiency. Novel structure, beautiful appearancejow noise. smallvibration. high degree of insulation.etQalso can be used in the fields offans, pump. Compressors and textile machine.By adopting the YE2、YVFE2、YP2、YE3 series of motors, ajstomercan save energy up to 10%,which contributes to upgrading the status of theindustry and enhancing the competitive power of the products.

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