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Wuxi C&W Valve Controls Co., Ltd.

ALPHA-AC HEM Row Control Group is one of the earliest and biggestmanufacturer group in China which researches, develops and producespneumatic actuators, solenoid valves, limit switch bakes, valve petitioners andtop valve controller.As early as in 1993, we introduced USA advanced technology and successfullydeveloped and produced A series stainless steel pneumatic actuators.In 1999 and 2006, with the acceleration of industrial automation, the demandfar aluminum pneumatic actuator was increasing rapidly in China and abroad.We grasped the development opportunity of the market and developed andproduced B, C and D series aluminum pneumatic actuators and ALS series limitswitch boxes respectively.In 2006 and 2016, based on the DCS and FCS technology requirements andthe market demand of the petrochemical industry AIV series solenoid valves,ALSD series top valve controller, ALP series valve petitioners and ALF 4 pistonsactuator, ASD series spring-diaphragm actuator have been graduallydeveloped. Since then, ALPHA-ACHEM Group enters a new platform tobecome one of the few suppliers of valve control product with completepackage in the world.At present, this group has one R&D room, one international business companyand three factories. The international business company (C&W) mainly focus onthe international business of the products manufactured by the group’s factory.Our products have no* only obtained the certificates and approvals of CE,lace, ATEX, CSA, NEPSI and IP66 & IP67, NEMA4,4X, but also exported to allparts of the world. In United States, Germany Canada, South America, UnitedKingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Australia,Southeast Asia and Russia and other countries, a large number of professionaldistributors and senior customers have maintained trade relations with us formore than 10 years.It is the goal of our Group to produce high quality products, plan feasiblesolutions and provide complete sales services to the customers.For more info, please visit our website, http://www.valve-controls.com/



A Series Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuators


ALPHA-ACHEM A & AA Series pneumatic actuators are 100% stainless steel actuators with the


strong point of the fourth generation rack & pinion pneumatic actuators. Based on latest CNC


machining centers & mechanical manufacturing technology, and nearly 20 years know-how of the


rack & pinion technology, this actuators we manufactured is a high grade product with the


characteristics of reliability, high performance, long cycle life and already proved to be used in


most corrosive chemicals as well as very harsh industrial atmospheres.



ALP Series Valve Positioners


● Suitable for use on rotary and linear applications


● Available to equip with internal or external position transmitter or sensors


● Available for Electric-Pneumatic or Pneumatic-Pneumatic Operation


● Certified for use in all hazardous areas



ALSD Series Top Valve Controller


Integrated solution for solenoid coil, direction valve and position sensor


The weather proof performance is good and the explosion proof grade is high.


Suitable for use on on/off rotary applications

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