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Wenzhou Riri Valve Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Riri valve Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development, manufacture, sales, stainless steel valves in a body’s modernized enterprise, its main products are: Q71F Italian thin ball valve, Q41 ball valve, ball valve, ball valve, high platform type ball valve, wide type ball valve, etc., the company in line with to the management of quality, service to win customers spirit of modern enterprise, constantly strengthen internal management, the application of modern process reengineering model, establish an effective system, strengthen quality tracking, to provide customers with quality products.


With a high starting point and high standard construction, the company has a strong technical and managerial power, and a strong team o( experts to provide quality and affordable products for the majority of users. The daily valve establishes the modern market operation mode, the high quality service to the customer is our fundamental. In order to make the interests of the partners and effectively acquire and maximum utilization of resources, the company will be for the sake of customers, the positive use of the company’s human resource and technology advantage, and on the basis of common development and win-win, provides the Omni-directional service for the customer and the best solution.


Since Its creation, the company has (firmly Implemented the concept of “living on quality and building a brand with credibility” Comparable price with strong quality assurance, affordable, the shortest delivery time, advanced service concept, in petroleum, chemical industry, power station, metallurgy, shipbuilding, light industry, pharmaceutical, medical, natural gas. sewage treatment, municipal environmental protection, and many other industries favored by the majority of users trust and praise!


Day valve always adhere to the “good faith management, be the lairs purpose, with the past in the petrochemical industry, city heating, heating pipe network and a lot of experience In the engineering application In the industry, and aspires to be a major player in the domestic market, to the cause of China’s valve, strong peoples strong enterprise is guaranteed, we believe that the valve industry in the future, full of hope, we are willing to make our due contribution, wish tomorrow will be better We sincerely welcome new and old customers to come to guide and create brilliantly.For more info, please visit our website, www.ririvalve.com/en





Nominal pressure :,


Strength testing pressure : PT2.4,3.8,6.0,9.6MPa Seat testing pressure(low pressure): 0.6MPa Applicable media : Q41F-(16-64)C Water Oil Gas Applicable temperature : -29℃-150℃


Applicable media : Q41F・(16・64)P Nitric acid


Q41F-(16-64)R Acetic add


Applicable temperature : -29℃-150℃





Nominal pressure :,6.4MPa


Strength testing pressure : PT2. Seat testing pressure(low pressure)>: 0.6MP» Applicable media : QUF-(16-64)C Water. Oil Gas Applicable temperature : -29℃~150℃


Applicable media : Q11F-(16-64)P Nitric acid / Q11F-(16-64)R Acetic acid



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Nominal pressure : . 6.4MPa


Strength testing pressure : PT2.4,


Seat testing pressure(low pressure): 0.6MPa


Applicable media : Water. Oil. Gas


Applicable temperature : -29℃~150℃

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