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Wenzhou Yuanyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Yuanyu Machinery Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer that producing high- precision sanitary valve/fittings and fluid equipment. The Products are widely applied in dairy, beer, food, pharmaceutical, beverage, cosmetics and chemical industry etc areas. The company introduce actively domestic and international advanced production equipment and professional manufacturing process, the series products are made from stainless steel SUS304,SUS316L,strictly according to DIN,SMS,ISO,IDF,3A,RJT,DS,BS,BPE industrial


standard request, and keep strict inspection and control during production, that make us develop stable and continuously. At present the product are sold to Europe, America and southeast Asia and so on. For supports by all old and new customers in the society, our company can develop quickly and stable.


In order to meet the demand of expanding market constantly and satisfy the requirements of customers “high quality, low price”, Yuanyu promotes its quality constantly based on the advanced management system, first-class quality and service, making “YUANYU” become a satisfactory cooperation partner domestically and internationally.


For more info, please visit our website, www.wzyyjx.com



Sanitary Check Valve




This type of check valves are used to stainless steel pipe system, in order to prevent the fluid flowing back.


Work Principle:


Check valve is a type of valve which open or close the valve disc rely on the medium low itself. The check valve dies will open when the pressure of stem bottom exceed the steam above and the spring. The check valve dies will close when the two pressure are equalled. So that the: flow goes one way in the pipeline, and prevent the fluid flowing back , avoid the accidents.



 Sanitary Diaphragm Valve


Application: :


      YG diaphragm valve is a series of sanitary diaphragm valve is widely used on wine, dairy products beverage. Foodstuff  industry, pharmacy etc. achieving the requirement of control and open/close forth pipeline system.


      Work Principle:


      The diaphragm is close under normal state, and that moment the diaphragm clung to the valve body cavity, and closing off the flow path through the pipeline. When the diaphragm valve have the requirement to dean or aspen, the valve steer move according to the manual or pneumatic actuator equipment, spherical diaphragms natural bend upwards, so that the valve is open and reach the requirement of clean and open. The diaphragm make the lower body cavity and the upper chamber separated from the vive cover, so that the stem at the top of the diaphragm, disc media and other parts from corrosion, eliminating the need for packing structure, and no media leaks. The optimize valve body made the cleaning liquid flow auto totally, as that don’t have any entrapment.



 Sanitary Butterfly Ball Valve




This type of valve is a kind of automatically or manually manipulation of butterfly type ball valve, because of its can be very good deal with viscous or medium with particulate, which is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industrial piping system, to regulate and control the medium flow in the system.


Work Principle


This kind of valve can be handle both by electric or a pneumatic actuator also cooperated by handle.


Electric actuator or pneumatic actuator is to revolve the axial movement of piston to be 90* rotation of valve shaft. So that the valve can be open or doeskin that case, the flow can be control and achieve the task of swatch. They have three type of actuator : normally open (NO) , normally classed [NC), air/ air (A/A).


Muti- position handle can u5e to 15°adjustment of valve 12 seat to lock open or close, In that way, the valve can control the flow.


Pulling handle can use to the 4 multi-function to lock open or close, In that way, the valve can control the flow.

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