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SJE Rhombus Co., Ltd.

Since 1975, SJE Rhombus® has become a global leader in the water and waste water industry by developing innovative control products from eight locations that offer reliability and performance customers can depend on. SJE Rhombus® offers a wide variety of control products for Residential and Commercial markets and serves the Irrigation, Municipal, and Industrial markets under the PRIMEX® brand.


SJE Rhombus controls can be found in applications including:


• Waste water


• Treatment Plants


• Lift Stations


• Drains


• Sumps


• Wells


• Pressure Booster Systems


• Irrigation Systems


• Sewers


From control panels utilizing embedded circuit board technology to complete control/monitoring systems designed and built to customer specifications, SJE Rhombus represents the most reliable integration of engineering and manufacturing in the industry.


New product designs endure extensive in-house and field testing before submittal to recognized independent laboratories for safety testing and approval. This commitment to quality ensures customers with a dependable, trouble free product. SJE Rhombus offers a five-year limited warranty on most products.


For more info, please visit our website, www.sjerhombus.com



 Quest® II Pump Switch


SJE Quest® Pump Switch includes a patented sealing design that provides excellent protection from moisture entering the float housing. The float switches are available in multiple color options and are available with our innovative one-


piece cable weight.


• Electric rating:10(8)A 250 VAC or 6(4)A 250 VAC


• Cable:H07RN-F 1mm2  or H05RN-F .75mm2  ,    2  or 3 wire


• Pumping range:Mounting clamp:23-91cm (9-36 in) ;


Cable weight:25-51cm (10 -20 in)


• Working temp:0~50 ºC (122 ºF)


• Protecting rate:IP68



SJE MicroMaster®  Pump Switch


SJE MicroMaster® Pump Switch is a mechanically-activated float switch designed for wastewater and water applications.


• Electric rating:10A, 125/250 VAC, 50/60Hz


• Cable:18/2 SJOW , 16/2 SJOW, 18/3 SJOW


• Pumping range:20-91cm (8-36 in)


• Working temp: 0~60 ºC (140 ºF)


• Protecting rate:IP68


• SJE MicroMaster® Plus (13A) version is available


• SJE MicroMaster® SPDT (3 wire) version is available



SJE HiTempMaster™ Pump Switch


SJE HiTempMaster™ Pump Switch is designed specifically for high temperature sump applications up to 93°C (200ºF). Pump down applications.


• Electric rating:13A, 125/250VAC


• Cable: 16/2 SJOOW


• Pumping range: 20-91cm (8-36 in)


• Working temp: 0~93 ºC (200 ºF)


• Twin wall design of float housing (patent pending) protects internal components from heat and moisture

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