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Jiangsu Shoulong Valve Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Shoulong Valve Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in research& development, production, sales and import &export of automatic control valves.


Our company has a complete set of production and testing equipment, perfect organization and quality system and a number of high-quality professional technicians and also has passed ISO9001 -2000, TRD100, CE, API6D, API607, DNV, CNS and other certification successively.


At present, our business has been involved in electric power, metallurgy, minerals, automobile manufacturing, paper making, natural gas, environmental protection, petrochemical, food machinery, HVAC and many other fields.


Our main products are pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, pneumatic valves, electric valves, and a variety of ball valves, butterfly valves and automatic valve components.


Welcome to visit SLV—Jiangsu Shoulong Valve Co., Ltd. Let’s work together to create a brilliant future.For more info, please visit our website, https://www.slv-cn.com/



Ball Valve Flanged 2-way Ball Valve


Completely insulated with the medium


low torque , high pressure resistance, pressure beared with two sides, the fluid totally insulated with the valve body and shaft; no plug between the valve ball with the valve shaft, convenient to maintain and replace, and imbedded with special anti-stuck self-lubricating bearing inside the shaft so as to end the problem that the normal ball valve is not able to be closed.


International compatibility


An flange is mounted on the top of the valve which conform to the ISO5211 standard. The manual operation mechanism or automatic actuators can be installed with it directly. All of the valve can be mounted with Extended valve neck according to the working conditions to meet the requirement for low temperature or high temperature.


Mounting platform for upright type


because of standardization design, all of the actuators including handle, gear, pneumatic and electric ones can be connected with this series flange ball valves without additional support. Easy to be mounted on site and reducing the error and height.


Diversified customization



Ball Valve Pneumatic/Electric Flanged 2-way Ball Valve


Basic parameters for pneumatic flanged ball valve:


pneumatic actuator: double acting typeDA032〜DA400,spring return typeSR052〜SR400


rotation angle:standard type 0°~90°,adjustable two ends limit type0°〜90°〜120°〜


180°,optional three-stage type 0°〜90。〜180°


design standard: the actuator conforms to EU EN15714-3 standard; the connecting dimensions conform to ISO 5211-DIN3337 standard; the air


interface conform to NAMUR standard.


optional accessories: limit switch, solenoid valve, locator, Hand operatonair filter, nominal diameter: DN15~DN200(l/2″~8″)


nominal pressure: PN16, PN25, PN40


valve body and valve ball material:CF8, CF8M/CF3M/WCB,2205


seal material: PTFE , RPTFE,PPL



Ball Valve threaded/socket welded/butt welded 3-piece ball valve




o Fire proof structure


o Using upright platform of ISO 5211 actuator


o Anti-static device is equipped between the valve ball and valve body


o Anti-stripping design for valve stem


o Double Stem Packing design which conforms to German Tüv standard


o Double butterfly shrapnel automatic compaction packing design


o Dewaxing Precision Casting


o Pressure balancing hole on steel ball


o Valve chamber cleaning device on the valve body

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