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Jiangsu Jingke Pumping Industry Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Jingke Pump Industry Co., Ltd. has developed a series of eddy current pump products from the early 1990s by absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad and combining with universities. Vortex Pump, Self-suction Vortex Pump, High Temperature and High Pressure Vortex Pump, Gas-liquid Hybrid Pump, Leakage-free Magneto-hydraulic Hydraulic Pump, Leakage-free Magneto-liquid Ammonia Pump, High Head and Small Flow Chemical Vortex Pump, Leakage-free Magneto-hydraulic Vortex Pump.


Gas-liquid mixing pumps are widely used in refinery chemical industry with corrosion resistance, low cavitation (low NPSH) margin, stable performance and no leakage. They are widely used in nuclear power plants, petroleum refining, chemical and chemical engineering, and other difficult projects with complex fluid conditions. Transportation of coolant, condensate, chemical high-pressure, high and low temperature liquid, high melting point fluid. Transport solvent, clear oil, fuel oil, acid-base liquid, high temperature hot water, etc. Non-leakage magnetic pump can transport inflammable, explosive, toxic and dangerous liquids, precious liquids, refrigerants or high-temperature liquids, low-viscosity liquids, high-pressure liquid ammonia, liquefied gas, corrosive liquids, rigorous operation and gasifiable liquids and liquids containing gases, which can be mixed with air in the pump while conveying materials.


With years of research and technical research, the company has also developed a leading international level of non-leakage magnetic-pneumatic-hydraulic hybrid pump for idling and high temperature, high gas and high pressure conditions, and a non-leakage magnetic-chemical eddy pressure pump for high temperature and high pressure conditions. The maximum temperature can reach + 320 C, and the maximum system pressure can reach 12 Mpa (customized), which fills the gap of domestic technology.


Gas-liquid mixing pump (customized) can produce three-phase mixtures of gas, liquid and solid at the same time. Pumps with easy aggregation of materials in a certain temperature range can meet the requirements of circulating high temperature, high gas and high viscosity materials in vacuum system, and solve the difficult problems of operation under different harsh conditions for many domestic enterprises. (For example, Jiangxi Jiujiang Petrochemical Company, Yunnan Yuntianhua Yihua Phosphorus Industry Research Technology Co., Ltd., Wuxi Haite Shengda Photoelectric Materials Technology Co., Ltd.)


The gas-liquid mixing pump for environmental protection sewage treatment in Jingke, which injects advanced technology of gas-liquid mixing pump, innovates the trend of water treatment in the era, and produces micro-and nano-bubble water through the pump, plays an important role in improving BOD and COD of industrial sewage, tail gas treatment and sewage of living river. Let the polluted water turn into fresh and energetic water again. Precision (specially designed) high-lift, low-flow eddy-pressure pump plays a leading role in urea solution, high calorific value waste liquid and waste solvent spraying in waste liquid incineration. Fine chemical eddy current pump is also widely used in MVR and TVR evaporation system for small flow, high lift material transportation.


The company’s products are exported to the United States, Britain, Ireland, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei and many other countries and Taiwan and other regions.


In the spirit of excellence, with first-class quality and perfect service, the company provides high-quality products for customers at home and abroad. We sincerely welcome international friends, enterprises and groups to communicate extensively, cooperate mutually and seek common development.


For more info, please visit our website: www.jjjkby.com





Jingke CQYB magnetic drive mixing pump is a new type vortex pump designed by the company for the years of production of eddy current pump. Magnetic transmission structure is used in the pump shaft seal, ensure the pump not to drip of conveying liquid containing gas, after the company team combining colleges and universities, scientific research personnel new developed can light, dry grinding, high temperature resistant, resistant a new type of magnetic gas-liquid mixing pump, energy conservation and environmental protection is not idling magnetic pump has rewritten history chapter. Through the use of multiple clients, the pump has the characteristics of small flow height and high lift, and has the advantage of no leakage of magnetic pump. Therefore, the pump is favored by the majority of users. Pump parts in metal materials such as stainless steel, can be no leakage carrying inflammable, explosive, toxic and other dangerous liquid, precious liquids, refrigerant or high temperature liquid, low viscosity liquid, corrosive liquid and strict operation and containing gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid ammonia gasification liquid transfer. In addition to the shielding pump, the shield pump can not achieve our special functions, but we have a special advantage in small flow operation. Numerous customer response, using fine magnetic vortex pump is solved before they shield pump under the condition of high head, small flow rate is difficult to solve the difficulties, and with low power, save energy, simple and convenient operation and maintenance, small occupation space, long service life and greatly reduces the operating costs. Can completely replace the small flow shield pump.





The CWY magnetic eddy pressure pump of Jingke is the same as the canned pump, which uses static seal instead of dynamic seal to ensure that the pump does not leak any liquid. Therefore, it is used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and non-ferrous metal smelting industries to transport toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive, corrosive and precious liquids.lt has been proved by many users that the pump not only has the characteristics of small flow rate and high head, but also has the advantage of no leakage of magnetic pump. It also solves the difficulties that the shielded pump can’t solve under the conditions of high head and small flow rate, and has the advantages of low power, energy saving, simple operation and maintenance, small space occupation, low operation and maintenance cost. It can completely replace the small flow screen. Cover pump.





Jingke vortex pump has small volume, high pressure, high equipment miniaturization, stable flow in small flow area, no pulsation, no vibration, free flow control, transfer of liquid mixed with fine impurities, able to withstand the intermittent operation of water hammer High forced pressure and pressure operation, suitable for various solvents, gasoline, light oil, oily liquid, fuel, waste oil, waste liquid spray treatment (special type of environmental protection equipment), alkaline liquid, aquarium, hydrocarbon solvent And transfer of the slurry, spraying, washing, and the like. The temperature is from -20 ° C to +300 ° C.

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