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Wuxi Force & Torque Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Force & Torque Technology Co., Ltd. is a well recognized world leader and reliable manufacturer for pneumatic actuator, pneumatic valve and accessories in China. The backbone employees have started R & D manufacturing and marketing for valve actuators since 1999. With over 20 years innovation and extensive industry experience, Force & Torque provides first class products and services for customers worldwide.Force & Torque supplies pneumatic actuators and valve control accessories such as manual override, limit switch box, solenoid valve, filter regulator, valve position feedback device etc.. Additionally, Force & Torque provides professional valve automation solutions like pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic butterfly valve etc. for diverse applications.


For more info,please visit our website:www.force-torque.cn/en/home.aspx



HPY Series Pneumatic Actuator


The pinion shape conforms to the latest standards of ISO5211, NAMUR. The dimensions can be customized.A Position indicator acc. to NAMUR is convenient for the assembly of accessories such as Limit Switch box, Positioner etc.


HPY actuators are available with either B or C body modules.


B body modules provide a balanced torque ratio at both the break and end position.


C body modules have a torque advantage in applications where hi gher break torque is needed to unseat the valve and less critical needs at the run or full


open positions.



HPL Series Linear Actuator


1. Adjustable travel stop for the rod‐retract position,piston bottoms out for the rod‐extend position. Specific travel applications available, consult factory.


2.Spring rod nut is locked to prevent unauthorized disassembly of the spring carriage.


3.The material of body is hard anodized aluminum for cylinder-ranges Ø80~Ø320 and carbon steel for cylinder ranges Ø200~Ø1000.


4.The material of drive rod is carbon steel with chrome plated. Optional material available like stainless steel etc.


5.The coating color are upon customer request.


6.Consult factory for customized thrust,travel and pressure requirements.




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