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Wenzhou Bare Valve Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Bare Valve Co., Ltd.is a company dedicated to the design of the butterfly valve, development, manufacture of integrated enterprise. Specializing in the production of High performance butterfly valve, No pin center line butterfly valves, Nylon butterfly valve, Desulfurization and denitrification butterfly valve, Flanged butterfly valve, Pneumatic butterfly valves, Electric butterfly valve, etc., series valves. The series butterfly valve has the advantages of reliable sealing, light switch torque, excellent flow performance, long service life, etc., and in the key parts of the valve body to prevent the death of a special self lubrication bearing. At the same time also equipped with a variety of different materials of stainless steel valve plate, high temperature resistant nickel plate, aluminum bronze plate. Products are mainly used in water treatment, fire, power plants, medicine, chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, municipal engineering and other kinds of fluid control technology projects.


The company constantly absorbing foreign advanced technology, optimize the product structure, taking.


For more info,please visit our website:www.cnbrvalve.com/en/



Butterfly valve


The butterfly valve according to independent form of overseas related products developed to improve the integration of the s-type elastic sealing seat structure, USES imported RPTFE material, good elasticity and long service life, can automatically compensate the change of temperature and pressure, and wear long switch used in sealing compensation; Can achieve two-way sealing leak; Using activity insert structure, maintenance convenient, don’t need to remove the disc and stem, as long as the single side press plate, can replace the sealing seat and maintenance sealing surface.

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