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Zhejiang Liangtuo Valve Co., Ltd.

The east China sea coast of Wenzhou, known all over the country, is located in the beautiful Oujiang estuary, is a shining pearl on the southeastern coast of China, she has a long history of culture is famous around the world and the developed market economy, bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening-up, economic development with wings of take-off, thousands of miles a day, vibrant, beautiful with her magical glamour in wenzhou, make a lot of people with lofty ideals have craved, attracted the country and around the world a lot of guests, good extension valve is located in the beautiful land.


After years of continuous improvement, combined with product life developed in line with the market demand of the public dozens of valve varieties. The company has a large number of professional and technical personnel with a sense of collectivism, sophisticated CNC machine processing equipment and precision testing instruments, so that the product qualified rate reached higher, sold at home and abroad, by the majority of users and distribution agents consistent praise.


The main products are sheet (block) type ball valve, wide anti-leakage all-in-one ball valve, one- piece ball valve, two-piece ball valve, plate ball valve, Italian type thin ball valve, three-way ball valve, wide ball valve, globe valve, gate valve, check valve, filter and so on. Products are mainly used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, food, environmental protection and other industries, materials used in AISL, 304, 316 standard production, valve standards can be according to JB/T, American ANSI, American petroleum association standard API, JIS, British standard BS and ISO standards.


In order to make our products better for your service, we are willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad sincerely and effectively, we are willing to make customized drawings for you. Take the user’s demand as the supreme instruction task, urgent user’s urgent, think user’s thought. Wholeheartedly for the user service, is our consistent purpose. We have every reason and confidence to ensure the fulfillment of our solemn commitments to our customers.



Inverted Valve H14


Caliber201304 316Weight(KG)Length (mm)
DN15     16 18250.2163.5
DN20  2123330.3378.5
DN32     4450680.77101.3
DN507284115 1.35133
DN65172 200290 2.73164
DN80280 320 440 3.89190
DN100480550 700 8.29238



Inverted valve H12


Caliber201 304316 Weight (KG)Length (mm)
DN20 16 20280.24  68
DN65190230 3102.96147
DN80310380510 4.54171



Inverted valve H11


Caliber 201304316 Weight(KG) Length (mm)
DN5090105 150 1.75180

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