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Zhengzhou Zhongnan Valve Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Zhongnan Valve Co., Ltd (former Zhengzhou Zhongnan Butterfly Valve Factory) is located in Zhengzhou, an inland city, it neighbors running Yellow River in the north, faces high mountains in the south, enters Bianliang. capital of Song Dynasty in the east and reaches Luoyang, ancient capital of nine cities in the west. It is close to Longhai Railway. 310 National Road, 107 National Road, Lianhuo Expressway,Jingzhu Expressway and Xinzheng International Air Port, enjoying advantageous location and unique traffic conditions. The modem factory area covers 26600m’. building area reaches 13200㎡. At present, it has 285 employees, of whom, 5 senior engineers, 28 engineers.


The factory, integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service, owns thick technical strength and modern quality test and experiment center, it has ultrasonic thickness testers, chemical analysis, CAD valve design, extract and efficient CNC manufacturing center, CNC machines and extract test facilities. All products leaving factory are attached with anti-counterfeit symbols, etc.



PTFE Sealed Butterfly Valve


This kind of butterfly valve is widely utilized in foodstuff,pharmacy,chemical industry etc. and industrial environmental protection water treatment, high building water supply and drain-tubing line open or close or adjusting medium.



Telescopic Butterfly Valve


Telescopic Butterfly Valve should be placed horizontally, any collision will not be allowed.


When Telescopic Butterfly Valve left factory, its structure length is design length.


When length between pipes exceed telescopic valve installation length, please adjust length between pipes. It is not allowed to pull telescopic valve constrainedly.



Ventilated Butterfly Valve


Novel and reasonable design, open and close rapidly


Small operative moment, operate easily


Use suitable materials to satisfy low middle high different medium and corrosive medium,etc.

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