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Beijing Huagreat Valve Co., Ltd.

With butterfly valve as our core product, Beijing Huagreat Valve Co., Ltd. integrating design, manufacture, sates, service, and trade, Has become one of heading valve manufacturing enterprise in China, based on decades of research and experience, now products covered butterfly valve, gate valve, etc.


“Attentive manufacture, scientific management, High standards and specialization” is Huagreat’s practice guideline. With “outstanding quality and perfect appearance”, our products Have won a reputation of “artworks in the valve industry” in the past. Our heading products, which have been exported to such countries and regions as America, Germany and Southeast Asia, products are widely used in the water supply, natural gas supply,Heating,petroleum,chemical industry,food, medicine, electric power, construction and many other fields.


Huagreat a (ways adheres to such business philosophy as ”strengthening ourselves at our work expanding our business through quality and making a contribution to the society” and wants to create a bright future of valve industry together with people from all over the world!For more info,please visit our website, http://www.huagreat.com/



Desulfurization and Denitrification Series


The SO2, oxynitride and heavy metal powder in the air pollutants are major from the industry of steel, electricity generating, heating & ventilation and other coal based fields. With the improvement of awareness of environmental protection and implementation of national policy for environment, the emission of all industry fume must achieve the desulphurization and denitrification standard.


Desulfurization and denitrification valve as control equipment, it plays important role in the fume desulfurization system. It changes and cut off the direction of flow. It achieves functions of cutting off, adjusting, guiding, preventing backflow, stabilizing, distributing, or releasing pressure, etc. this is key equipment to guarantee the whole system could run in order. So how to choose the structure and material of valve, is the important factor for extending valve’s service life. On the basis of the characters of whole industry, Beijing Huagreat Valve Co., Ltd. has already developed a series of high performance desulfurization and denitrification valves to meet the market, these valves could completely replace imported valve, and now they are already widely used in the desulfurization and denitrification system, and obtained prominent economic & social benefits and has been highly rated by users as well as insiders.



Seawater Desalination Series


In recent years, with the development of industry and improvement of urbanization process, the consumption of fresh water is increasing year by year; the fresh water resource is short seriously. It is strategic for long-term solutions of the water resource shortage to develop seawater desalination and direct seawater utilization


In the progress of seawater desalination, the corrosion of chloride is influenced by the temperature of seawater, the higher the temperature, the stronger corrosion, and the faster speed of corrosion. Depends on results of how seawater desalination effects valve equipment, Beijing Huagreat Valve Co., Ltd. designed a series of high performance seawater desalination water. Scientific structure, strict materials selection standard and advanced manufacture technology, perfectly solved the corrosion issues where happened in the process of desalination, largely extended the service life, it saved cost and improved social benefits.



Anti Corrosive Lined Valve Series


Anti Corrosive lined valve is kind of valve which its lining materials is precessed by the special technology called mould pressing, it is put in the inner surface of steel or iron valve, the lining valve has an particular advanced performance, the anti corrosion and economic value is greater than any other metal valve, in addition, the seal structure belongs to soft seal, it have excellent seal performance, could realize zero leakage, in the working condition of allowable pressure and temperature, choose lining valve could not only suit for strong corrosive medium in different working condition, but also replace the expensive rare metal, etc. The service life is longer than normal stainless steel 10-20 times, it has considerable economic value.

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