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Wenzhou Eno Valve Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Eno Valve Co., Ltd.is a family-run company, employs 33 members. We are one of the most professional Ball Valves manufacturer which specialized in Trunnion-mouted Ball Valve, Forged steel ball valve, Trunnion-mouted Ball Valve, and so on. The products are mainly used in paper making, bio-pharmaceutical, water treatment equipment, and so on.


Our ball valves are certified by the most important authorities in the world such as TUV, DNV and others. And Eno valve factory has achieved the TSJSO 9001:2005,CE and API 6D international certifications for our valves.


Welcome to cooperate and develop with us!


For more info, please visit our website: http://www.enovalve.com/



Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve


Design and manufacturing standards in accordance with the provisions of API 6D


Pressure and temperature standards in accordance with the provisions of ANSI B16.34


The according to ANSI B16.10 standard length of regulations


The connection flange standard according to MSS SP-44-1996 requirements


inspection and testing standards in accordance with API 598 requirements


After passing the pressure test valve should be thoroughly cleaned, apply anti-rust oil, cover both ends of the flange with seal



 GB Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve


Valve body junction strength not less than the flange connection weld strength


Valve minimum thickness requirements in accordance with GB 12234


Ball valve fully open channel and the body should be guaranteed access in the same week online


Valve should be designed under pressure in the medium, open packing gland, the valve stem as different structure


Valve marking requirements in accordance with the provisions of GB 12234


Valve supplier provisions required by the JB/T7928-1999


Valve inspection requirements by JB/T 9092-1999 requirements



API Forged Steel Ball Valve


Forged steel ball valves, API 608/API 6D


Forged steel ball valves, IS014313


Fire durable, API 607


Anti static, API 608


Forged steel valves, ASME B 16.34


Face to face, ASMEB 16.10


End flanges, ASME B16.5


1, Butt welding ends, ASME B16.25


2, Inspection and test, API 598/API6D

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