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Wuxi St.Hans Automation Engineering Co., Ltd.

In the early 1990s, coming with the trend of global manufacturing transferring to China, Wuxi St.Hans was established, then St.Hans’s first actuator was born.


With twenty-years hard work and innovation, St.Hans has achieved in becoming one of the professional and competitive actuator manufacturers in China.


St.Hans supplies several series of actuators , that is , Alpha A series stainless steel actuator, Alpha B series aluminum alloy actuator, Alpha C series aluminum alloy actuator and HPY pneumatic actuator. Additionally St.Hans supplies valve control accessories such as manual override, valve position, feedback device, air pressure regulator-filter, etc. Actuator size ranges Ø32~Ø1000, torque covers 5Nm~ 300,000Nm.


In the early 2010, the St.Hans factory moved to Mecum Industry Park, the oldest town of the South River region. With a 50 million RMB investment, the new factory covers 30,000 square meters and hires 220 employees. It manufactures 260,000 actuators and sells around 300 million RMB annually. Leading with its core idea of concentration & professionalism, ST.HANS will serve its new and regular customers more attentively and professionally with more excellent products .


For more info, please visit our website:  www.sthans.com/index.asp?lg=en



HPL Series Linear Pneumatic Actuator


1. Adjustable travel stop for the rod-retract position,piston bottoms out for the rod-extend position. Specific travel applications available, consult factory.


2. Spring rod nut is locked to prevent unauthorized disassembly of the spring tank.


3. Pneumatic cylinder ranges Ø80-Ø320, the material of body is hard anodized aluminum .


4. The material of drive rod is carbon steel with chrome plated. Optional material available like stainless steel etc.


5. The coating colors are upon customer request.


6. Consult factory for customized thrust,travel and pressure requirements.



HPL Pneumatic Actuators


Position indicator with NAMUR is convenient for mounting accessories such as Limit switch box, positioner and so on. The pinion is high-precision and integrative, made from nickel led-alloy steel, full conform to the latest standards of ISO5211, DIN3337, NAMUR, The dimensions can be customized and the stainless steel is available According to the different requirements, the extruded aluminum alloy ASTM6005 Body can be treated with hard anodized, powder polyester painted (different colors is available such as blue, orange, yellow etc.), PTFE or Nickel plated. Preloaded coating springs are made from the high quality material for resistant to corrosion and longer service life, which can be demounted safely and conveniently to satisfy different requirements of torque by changing quantity of springs. The twin rack pistons are made from Die-casting aluminum treated with Hard anodized or made from Cast steel with galvanization. Symmetric mounting position, long cycle life and fast operation, reversing rotation by simply inverting the pistons. The two independent external travel stop adjustment bolts can adjust ±5oat both open and close directions easily and precisely.



HPY Series Pneumatic Actuator


HPY series actuators adopt a highly modular design concept and are divided into cylinder module (hydraulic cylinder module), box module and spring module to simplify field configuration. Users can flexibly choose the mode of action according to the actual use requirements, with strong mutuality and universality. It can easily realize the combination and replacement of single and double acting, manual operation and other modules without the need of special tools. Cylinder or hydraulic cylinder module can be configured on one side or on both sides.

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