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Asahi Organic Chemicals Industry Co., Ltd.

Our plastic piping materials, such as valve, pipe, socket, tee, and joint, are popular under the brand name of “ASAHIAV”. We have developed these products which offer various advantages, through many years of experience and a wealth of know-how. Users rely entirely on ASAHI0V products which feature competitive cost reliability and high quality such as resistance to corrosion, chemicals, abrasion resistance, temp, and UV resistance.


ASAHI products find use in the fields of chemicals; steel making; food; marine development; environmental preservation; construction; piping for hot springs, water supply and sewage and agricultural application; semiconductors; biochemistry; pharmaceuticals, mining, etc.


We have established a sales service system throughout the world.


Also, we service a number of orders from foreign users and provide a variety services for them. To meet the need of the industry, which becomes increasingly advanced and diversified, Asahi Organic Chemicals Industry offers a full line of highly safe products. We hope to serve you to your satisfaction.





■ Excellent Sealing Property


The DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 14 uses a high quality rubber material, exhibiting lower compressive strain, for its diaphragm and cushion, resulting in optimum sealing performance.


■ Tight Seal at Low Torque


Using dynamic analysis by CAE, DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 14 is designed so that pressure is distributed evenly.


This design allows the hand wheel torque be reduced and maintain shut off at low torque.


■ Easier Maintenance


A bayonet mechanism, provided between the diaphragm and compressor, allows the diaphragm to be replaced easily.





■ Easy Maintenance


The valve body can be removed from the pipe line by loosening the union nuts at both ends.


■ Bottom Stand for Easy Support


Having a new bottom stand with an insert hole, DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 14 helps support the piping. The valve is also provided with a flange stand to increase installation safety.





■ Sealed Bonnet


Having a sealed bonnet with an O-ring, prevents rain water or external atmosphere from entering the bonnet, DIAPHRAGM VALVE TYPE 72 can be safely used outdoors.


■ Sealed Indicator


Because a clear indicator gauge protects the exposed metallic part on top of the stem against atmosphere, corrosive gas or fluid does not of the valve.


■ Position Indication


The position indicator also shows the degree of the valve position.

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