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Zhejiang Tianyan Holding Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Tianyan Holding Co., Ltd. located in Chengjiang industrial zone, Huangyan district, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, covers an area of 80,000 square meters. It is a well-known manufacturer, founded in 1992, who be specialized in high-technology, high capability, and high reliability pipe system. Now, there are more than 50 extrusion lines for plastic pipes, 150 injection machines for plastic fittings and a number of secondary processing machines. The annual output is around 30,000 tons, including 20,000 types of products with kinds of standards, which can meet the requirement from more than 70 countries and regions. The mainly series of products include cold & hot water supply piping networks, drainage piping networks, valves, Insulating electrical piping networks, fire fighting piping networks and irrigation networks by many materials, such as PVC-U, CPVC, PP-R, PP and so on. The quality and safety of products are paid attention to seriously in TIANYAN, so many important certificates and identifications wasacquired, including ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE, WRAS, NSF etc. All of the products can pass the Inspection by national building material test center and other relevant authoritative department. And the company has be honored as the “Zhejiang The Export Brand”, “Zhejiang Famous Brand”, “Zhejiang Trustworthy Enterprise” and many other honorary titles. After more than twenty years of development and innovation, the scale of factory continues to growing, and professional teams In the fields of R&D, materials purchase, artwork and manufacture, logistics, quality control, marketing have been established. Now the third phase workshops are being built, and lots automation equipments are being installed and used. Today, products made by TIANYAN have been exported all around the world, especially In the area of Europe, North America, MiddleEast, Southeast Asia and other regions. TIANYAN has gain the universal appreciate from the majority of agent and customers, depending on reliable quality and good reputation. In the future, TIANYAN will continue to concentrate on making high-technology, high capability, and high reliability pipe system for customers from all of the world. TIANYAN would keep on focusing on establishing a more safety and healthy living environment of pipe system. 



Cpvc/Pvc-U Valves


High quality valves were supplied by TIANYAN, which valves made by qualified raw materials, were produced under strict productionflows control and must be passed by strict test of quality.Quality inspection for key components are carried out, including body processing, valve core processing, and component surfacefine machining processing. Technical test fixtures are designed by ourselves, and used to check the function for valves one by one.



Pp-R Hot /Cold Water Pressure Piping System


PP-R pipe is a new generation of environment-friendly construction material developed in 1990s. Besides plastic pipe merits, such as lightness, corrosion resistance, anti-deposition and long service life, PP-R pipe also have some new advantages, like hygienism, heat- resistant material recycled. In the meanwhile, lower coefficient of heat conductivity can help for energy conservation. The usage of therinosol binding technique can make the process of installation very convenient. Qualified raw material, from Korea, was used for TIANYAN PP-R piping networks. The performance standard of PP-R products can match DIN8077 & DIN8078 or GB/T18742. 



Pp-R Antibacterial Pressure Piping System


It is different between antibacterial technique and traditional sterilization technique. Traditional sterilization technique would kill all microorganisms, but antibacterial technique only controls to reduce the number of bacterium and maintains them in a safe level for long time. Under the wet condition, a little Ag ion was released from anti-bacterial layer inner the pipe, and goes intobacteria’s cell membrane. So the activeness of enzyme inside the bacteria was restrained, and the function of reproduction was destroyed. That technique can keep the CFU below the level of safety.

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