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Tianjin Exxon Valve Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Exxon Valve Co., Ltd. was established in the year of 2009 with registered capital of 55 million RMB. Our leading products are soft sealing butterfly valve, hard sealing butterfly valve, PTFE coated butterfly valve, high performance butterfly valve butterfly type check valve and solenoid valve with all kinds of materials for a total of more than 50 series over kinds of specifications of products, they are widely used in water supply and drainage, electric power, petrochemical, metallurgical and other industries.

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Metal to Metal HardingSealing Butterfly Valve

The clip type metal seal butterfly valve butterfly valve three eccentric metal structure is developed bythis factory sealed, this product is safe and reliable, small coefficient of flow resistance, high temperature resistance, suitable for corrosive medium and so on. As the adjusting and stopping equipment, widely used in the process of steam, hot water, water, oil, gas, natural gas, chemical, acid alkali and salt in the pipeline.

Flanged Type Metal to Metal Hard Sealing Butterfly Valve

This butterfly valve is suitable for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industrial pure pipeline and environmental protection, water treatment, high-rise buildings, water supply and drainage pipeline as a hoist or adjustthe medium flow in.

Welded Connection Metal Sealing Butterfly Valve

This series of butterfly valve adopts worm gear drive, easy to operate and has the self-locking function.
Three eccentric structure design and application of advanced (radial eccentricity, axial and eccentricangle), using advanced processes and special processing technology and equipment manufacturing, to ensure the accuracy and precision of parts assembly. To ensure the sealing cone all pay agreement, to eliminate the interference and wear of the sealing surface to ask completely. Therefore, the switch resistance, reliable sealing, sealing surface wear, the tong working life.
The products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, oil refining, water supply and drainage engineering etc..

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