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  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Pipes
  • Accessories

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Visitors' Feedback

  • Algeria Visitor–Boussad Sarl Moulout

    “I appreciated CHC for matching the suitable exhibitor for me before the exhibition so that I did not come to China in vain, I`m sure to come here next year.”

  • Spain Buyer–Francisco Jimenez

    “In the matching activities, I successfully found the suitable exhibitor, now we are negotiating. Next week I will pay a visit to the factory. The first order includes valves, pipes and accessories (for transportation, desalination and land use) which are 400,000RMB. ”

About WieTec

220,000㎡ scale size 3400+exhibitors 120,000+visitors WieTec is dedicated to offering leading-edge technologies and solutions for global environmental industry players, buyers, end-users and professionals in China and the whole world.